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Note:All the patients comments from the clinic reception room guestbook.
I first visited Dr Huang, when an old back  problem reoccured and I wanted also to stop smoking which I tried to do several times without success.
Thank to the accupuncure and massage treatments I am now free of back spasms and a non smoker
At last I feel really great, thanks to Dr Huangs Treatment.
Afer severe illness almost 3 years ago I had felt exhausted, even simple things were a REAL struggle ad the effort of just keeping going was almost impossible.
I did not know much about acupuncture but was impressed when Dr Huang diagnosed what was happening in my body in terms of Chinese Medicine.
The acupuncture and Chinese herbs are noticeablly building and balancing my energy, helping with very swollen ankles and even strating to have an effect on my very long tern kneww problem!
Dr Huang is a thoughtful, conscientious practitioner and I can VERY happily recommend his treatments and his manner, he cares and he listens.
Anne M Innes M.A 
When I first came to Jimmy to have acupuncture I was suffering from a lot of back pain, when we had finished my 1st session, I felt great! I could move again and had no pian. I continued to come for my 5 sessions as discussed. The sessions were very good and I felt stonger every week.
I am so glad I came to Jimmy, who helped to sort out my back pain in 1 month.
Thank you Jimmy.
Karen Volpini
I have been a diabetic for almost 10 years and have a prescription for viagra every month but always had a nasal side effect afterwards which was quite uncomfortable. I tried one box of Jimmys herbal viagra to see how efective they were, I was surprised by the improvement in love and with no side effect after.
Very satisfactory.
I have found the treatment very helpful and beneficial. My shoulder and neck pain have loosened and got better quickly.
Many thanks
The treatment I have received for a very painful knee has been excellent. after five courses of  treament I am now free of pain.
Excellent treatment.
Jack Morris
I visited my friend in Exmouth, I had a frozen shoulder and Dr Huang helped me, it was like magic, I could move my arm beautifully. He is magic!
The treatment I have received from Dr Huang (Jimmy) has been excellent. I was suffering from a very painfull knee joint, I no longer need to take painkiller and my knee has free movement.
Dec 2007
I found the reflexology very relaxing and very helpful advise, I will be back again.
Thank you very much.
Lyn Hill
After many years of abuse to my body through drugs and alcohol I decided to seek help in abstenance with acupuncture and herbs. This I found very helpful, very calming and most useful when dealing with anxiety.
This helped calm my mind and body at a very important time.
This treatment was done without any prescription medicine, just Chinese Medicine.
A rewarding experience and now after 5 weeks I feel very strong both mentally and physically.
Andrew Jenkins
I first visited Dr Jimmy when an old back problem reoccurred and I wanted also to stop smoking, which I had tried to do several times without success.
Thanks to the acupuncture and massage treatments I am now free of back spasms and a non smoker.
The acupuncture treatments have been painless, really relaxing and of great benefit.
Thanks you for such good treatment.
After years of trying to concieve with my partner, I decided to come and try acupuncture, it was the best thing I have ever done, I have always been nervous of needles but it honestly doesn't hurt.
I have been coming since May for fertility as well as this Jimmy has treated me for sleep, relaxation, constipation, a cold and cough and emotional balance, all have worked well.
After 2 miscarriages some time ago, I am now finally pregnant! :)
We are over the moon.
I completely believe in Jimmy and his needles and can't recommend it highly enough.
The month I got pregnant we did relexology as well, maybe that helped too.
Thank you Jimmy and good luck to anyone in the same position.
Thank you so much for your loving kindness and gift. It felt truly amazing to have acupuncture for the first time. I feel full of energy and all seems brighter and clearer. I will DEFINITELY come back. My head ache is gone.
Thank you again.
Wonderful treatment makes me feel younger & fit.
Helen Taylor
Thank you for the relaxing treatment; given so professionally yet with love and understanding.
Jimmy has been fantastic to my son in law. His treatment for his drinking habit was very successful. He has also become a changed person and as a family we're extremely grateful to Jimmy.
Bill Rees
It's good to come here, the treatment makes me feel restored and able to take on what the world is dishing out.
Thank you Jimmy.
Helen Taylor
Very good service. I have had many treatments across the country but I have to say that Jimmy is the best. Extremely good value for money with one of the best services going.
Superb treatment, care and sensational. Each time after treatment I feel relaxed yet energetic.
Helen Taylor
Absolutely wonderful massage. I felt totally relaxed and my back pain/spasm has been released. I shall most definitely come back.
Carole Barreto
Superb treatment, feel more alive yet relaxed. Can take on the world now!
Helen Taylor
Many thanks for the wonderfully relaxing acupuncture treatment and moral support at a time when I have had to make very difficult decisions about my health.
I have always been certain of a very atentive and kind sevice.
I wish you all the best with helping many others in a similar way.
Kindest regards
May 2011
I have been having leg pain for quite sometime, I gave up smoking, took asprin and stantin tablets but the pain persisted but since I have been here for massage and acupuncture, I can walk for miles pain free.
This is a wondeful place to come for treatment. This was the best massage I have had. It released my tension and eased all my painful injuries. I would recommend this most highly.
Joan Pimm
Would recommend everyone to come to visit Jimmy. I suffered from sinus pain for many years and since seeing Jimmy, I no longer suffer but still come to see him for relaxation.
A wonderful man.
I have been comng to Jimmy since January 2010 for a slimming programme that works best for me.
Best massage treatment I have ever had. I recommend 1 hour full body massage highly.
Thank you for your excellent treatment.
Really happy with treatment. Came to have massage which was very good, then managed to give up smoking with amazing acupuncture, please i came here :)
Acupuncture treatment is excellent and highly recommended. It sped up the recovery from knee surgery amazingly.
Am absolutely delighted to be able to report a good improvement in eye pressure since coming to Jimmy's (15/18 compared to 20/21 previously). Have always been very plesant with treatments for respitory problems. Also I have felt better to cope with coming off steriod treatment.
Many thanks
Thank you Jimmy, 25 years of smoking and I came to see you and I am now smoke free. Thank you so much from myself and my family.
As usual, great treatment. Feel younger and enrgetic.
Helen Taylor
Jan 2012
Thank you for such a personal relaxing experience. Wonderful release from stress.
Usual wonderful treatment, now relaxed and energetic and feling it's a wonderful world.
Helen Taylor
I think you have cured my restless night syndrome. Now I can sleep againn at night.
Many thanks Jimmy
Dear Jimmy,
Thank you for all the acupuncture, it is really helping me with the migraines and headaches. I really appreciate youelping me get better.
Take care, many thanks
I was in agony for week with sciatica, other therapies did not work for me. I then found Jimmy and after one treatment my pain has gone. I could not believe it took my pain away so quick. I am still coming for treatment for health and well being and feeling very relaxed after each visit.
I have recommended Jimmy to many of my friends who have found his treatment amazing.
Ian Bridgmon
Thank you for the relaxing therapy and treatment, I feel well because of it.
Any problem big or small Jimmy is your man!!!!
He is calm, friendly and very professional. Suffering anxiety and depression, Jimmy has helped to restore my inner "chi" and strength with traditional Chinese acupuncture, massage and reflexology. After one month, 8 treatments and short holiday I feel so much happier and stronger.
I will continue to visit Jimmy for acupuncture, massage and reflexology for general inner "chi" maintenance.
Acupuncture is the most relaxing therapy ever, I sleep so deep during treatment, it is truly wonderful.
You are a superstar Jimmy.
Natalie Davis
March 2012
Don't know how it does it but it does. Troubles gone and welcoming Spring.
Helen Taylor
Thank you Jimmy for helping me to find my positivity. My world and life are back.
Love Joan
A totally unexpected visit which was great. The ambience was lovely.
Thank you Jimmy, I wish I lived closer, I would see you more often.
Hope to see you again and you will be able to sort more of my aches out.
March 2012
Thank you Jimmy for being a Doctor, a healer and friend. we are so lucky to have you in Exmouth.
All the very best.
Thank you very much Jimmy for your treatment. I had terrible neck pain for months and unable to sleep properly, since I had massage and acupuncture treatment, I no longer have the problem.
Thank you
May 2012
  Jimmy has helped me so much with acupuncture and massage therapy.The treatments have helped to relax me a great deal.I suffer from anxiety and depression and the acupuncture helps to calm me down so can control my panic attachs.I came to Jimmy in  November 2011 and he helped me through a real low point after an abusive relationship and a tramatic time.The acupuncture and massage now is helping me with back and shoulder pain which is from  tension building in my upper back.
Thank  you so much for your help.
May 2012
  Jimmy has eased the pain in my ankle due to Arthritis.I am amazed at the diffferent in the swelling in my ankle.I found him very  kind and helpful.
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