May 31 2012
Over the last ten years I have had at least 100  massages ,mostly Chinese in diffferent towns.Today here I had the best one of all,very relaxing,gentle and understanding.I shall definitely come  again when I am next in Exmouth for a holiday.
May 31 2012
Very relaxed,gentle,restored my energy,I feel like I have had the most peaceful sleep.
June 2012
The care and attention as usual,to good to be measured in words.Can only say thank you-yet it  is far more than that.
6 June 2012
Today as well as the usual acupuncture and massage.I tried the suction cups which have eased off the lumps of tension in my shoulders.I shall definitely be trying this again! Onward thanks for great treatment and friendship.
Natalie Davis
September 2012
Acupuncture works!I have severe  arthritis in one knee and it has reduced the pain and swelling  dramatically over just a few weeks.
Peter Avery
September 2012
Absolutely gorgeous,relaxing massage.I 'll be back for regular treatment!Thanks Jimmy.
Maia Kusma
September 2012(28th)
Very relaxing massage,made sure your  dignity was kept comfortable the whole time,letting you know all the time what he was doing and asking you all the time if pressure was ok.Very thoughful and very nice man,definitely recommended.Thank you Jimmy.
Rose Curley
1st October 2012
Great treament.Feel I'm a person-not just a  number and hone's my enengy, which has been absent.Plus a lovely feeling of being relaxed.
Helen Taylor
29th November 2012
Feel a new person after my wonderful treatment-enegetic and it is a great world.
Helen Taylor
6 12 2012
Woke with terrible pain in my right leg.My treatment has made me feel much better.
Helen Taylor
March 2013
However you feel when you come to see Jimmy-you feel a lot better when you leave.Thank you,Jimmy!
March 2013
Thank you for your work Jimmy.I feel like a new person with lots of energy.
Helen T
March 2013
Many many thanks once again.A wonderful treatment.
Linda Richie
 March 2013(28th)
Came in with back pain,was very scared of accupuncture.Didn't feel a thing.Wonderful massage and accupuncture feel amazing.Thank you x
 April 2013(11th)
Everytime I come to see Jimmy I feel amazing afterwards,all of my worries and stresses just seem to melt away.And I also leave here pain free.Jimmy is very talented and very kind and will always find time to see me for treatment no matter how busy he is!Thank you very much,Jimmy.
April 2013 (16th )
Pain for years-Fobbed off by doctors-given  pain killers-given exercises-years of it.Came here once,pain gone-Able to walk home without a stick!How dose it work?Who cares?It dose-That is what maters.Thank you Jimmy
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